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New album recording


We are currently in the process of recording our follow-up album to 2007’s “Opus One”. It has been quite a long process, stemming primarily from the songwriting which took longer than we had planned.  We really pushed ourselves in this process and are very happy with the end result.

As we wrote the songs we also recorded each of them in a demo format which was very helpful as it allowed us to carefully listen to the songs and ultimately improve each one. We completed the album in a demo format earlier this year and since then we’ve been working on professionally recording each of the songs.

Instead of doing it all ourselves we really wanted to produce a professional album this time around and so we enlisted the services of Jason Hywel Martin, who is local audio engineer/producer and also a good friend.  Jason will be doing multiple duties on the album including the actual engineering and recording, the mixing and will be a co-producer.

We are also really excited that this album will be our first with the new band lineup.  Tyler and Davis Friesen joined up with Greylevel back in 2008 but this will be their first opportunity to record with the band.  The addition of their abilities into the mix will really take the music in places we just couldn’t go before.

We hope to have some audio previews of the new album available in fall 2010.

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