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Hypostatic Union Review by Strutter Magazine

We just noticed a great review from Strutter Magazine, which is based in the Netherlands. They gave the album 8.4 out of 10 and posted the following review:

5 years after their debut ‘Opus one’, the Canadian band GREYLEVEL returns with their 2nd album, which features by the way many Dutch names in the thank you list as well as some of the bandmembers and special guests seem to be of Dutch origin. Anyway, GREYLEVEL really hail from the wild west coast of Canada and deliver here a wonderful piece of Progressive Rockmusic that sounds a bit like ENCHANT and SPOCK’S BEARD, yet with some very atmospheric almost Celtic sounding guitar arrangements here and there and also massive choruses sometimes. Sometimes it even reminds me of CAAMORA mixed with MOSTLY AUTUMN, although all together this GREYLEVEL actually has an own identity that is in general speaking Melodic Progressive Rock, but when listening to songs like “Achromatize” and “Terminal” it is much more than that actually. One thing is clear and that is the fact that they have released a very strong album here, which you definitely need to check out at:

You can read the original review on Strutter Magazine’s website at the following link:

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