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Two new reviews

We have two new reviews of Hypostatic Union to share with you today. The first comes from fellow Canadian Jerry Lucky who runs the fantastic website

I said this last time, but it still hold true, their music at times reminds me Canadian keyboardist Ken Baird, although the music of Greylevel is perhaps a little more adventurous, even complex. Gone are the Porcupine Tree references replaced by the band’s own comfortable style. This is a rather stunning sophomore release. The idea that a band doesn’t have enough musical ideas to make a successful second CD doesn’t work here. Hypostatic Union as a second release is substantially superior to Greylevel’s first outing and as such gets my highest recommendation.

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The second review comes from the Lords of Metal website, which despite being a metal oriented site has given Hypostatic Union an overall positive review:

The other side of Greylevel is more like it. This is the cute, angelic face of the band. Here we have almost serene and soothing double vocals of Derek and his sister and keyboard player Esther Barber and thick keyboards. Indeed, that is not unlike Paatos newest effort, but one should not consider that in a musical way but rather in an atmospheric one. The pretty voice of the singing sister in the background, together with the sustained chords and sometimes spacey sounds make for a soothing and touching experience. Indeed, one could think of old school Porcupine Tree now, but one should take into account that Steven Wilson has a more advanced way of producing and composing progressive music. All in all this is the side of Greylevel that I like the most. In religious terms, hypostatic union describes the union of Christ’s mortality and divinity in one. I do not know if Barbers have a religious background, but considering this record I would not be surprised if they have. If they do, they manage to keep the preaching to a bare minimum. This record works best after a busy day, when you need a little peace and quiet.

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