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Even though it’s been many months since the release of Hypostatic Union, the reviews continue to come in. We appreciate each and every review, even those that might be more critical. We don’t expect everyone to understand the vision, mood and sound that we attempt to create with our music. However, it’s very encouraging that the overwhelming response so far has been very positive and so we’re really happy that people are enjoying the album.

Here are a couple great reviews that we’ve come across recently:

“Hypostatic Union” est un album qui s’écoute de bout en bout, et ce sans aucune halte. Cette même galette sera très certainement remise en boucle plusieurs fois dans votre lecteur. Certains auditeurs ne pourront peut-être plus s’en décoller ! Moi-même, je dois vous l’avouer, “Hypostatic Union” me suit au bureau et dans la voiture.
Au risque de tenir des propos chauvins, “Hypostatic Union”  frôle la perfection et risque de se retrouver dans mon top 5. Aucune hésitation possible, précipitez-vous chez votre disquaire pour vous procurer cette véritable perle ! Et dire que ce bijou aurait pût me passer sous le nez.

Hypostatic Union isn’t an album that will put you in “cheery” mood, so to speak, but fans of melancholic and bleak progressive rock should have a blast with this one. If you like the spacey atmospheres of Pink Floyd, the melancholic songwriting of Hogarth-era Marillion, and the progressive compositions of Porcupine Tree, it’s difficult to go wrong with this fantastic effort. Greylevel has successfully proven that they’re a band to watch out for, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on this Canadian act in the coming years. A big 4 star rating is fully deserved.

This is a melancholic, saddening collection of songs, each doing quite well to hit the listener with a dose of angst. This songwriting is brought forth through a fairly spacey format, with plenty of reverb in the guitars, and brooding vocals that suit perfectly the style that the band is going for. ‘Hypostatic Union’ gives me the feeling of gliding over an ocean while a light rain is pattering overhead. It is dreary- yes- but there is a sense of vastness and hope about it that makes it all the more moving. An excellent album.

If I had been quite impressed with their first album, now that I am listening to this new venture I cannot help myself thinking on how this band has evolved in terms of sound, quality, capacity to create different atmospheres and architect their tracks in an effective way that can make you feel cosy and warm with the same ease that it makes you feel dislocated, cold and distant, all in the same track and between tracks.

The album grows at each listen, as it needs you to enter the spirit of it. But when you do, you are rewarded with an excellent result and a very complete package for the genre. Just hold on to the roller-coaster of emotions…

This Canadian band shows great diversity, and certainly needs the attention of the true progressive rock lover. Closing the album is Signals, where the modern rock influences are added to the more progressive, thus adding a band like Muse to the acts that Greylevel look up to.

It’s darkness and rainy days at the beach and all the tracks, from the opening “Memory Remains” to the closing of “Signals”, speaks volume of massive grief and sadness. Cheerful buggers they are not and I could actually do with a pick me up song or a silly old tune such as “Cherry Pie”. No, wait, Jani Lane’s dead… crap, I think I’ll just stay in bed for another month. Final verdict: Kudos to the Canadian act for coming up with a mighty decent sophomore release that literally transport the listener to a world of sorrow and hurt.

“Anche 55 minuti possono sembrare un’eternità quando si presentano identici, tutti impostati con gli stessi ritmi e tonalità. Questo non vuol dire che non vi sia perizia nell’esecuzione. La scelta di un sound lineare, tutt’altro che articolato, è funzionale ai tasti dell’anima che i Greylevel vogliono toccare.”–5447.html

Thanks again for the support that we’ve received on this album. It’s a great encouragement to us and makes us ever more excited to begin work on the next album!

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